Hello there!

If you are reading this then you are most likely one of the following…

  1. A food fan
  2. A friend or family member who is interested in my cooking and ideas and who wants to support me
  3. My mum (Hi Mum, love you!)

Either way that is fine by me! I am one of those people who absolutely LOVES food, and I’m putting this site together to share my love of cooking, my passion for trying out new recipes and messing with classic dishes and to hopefully get some insight into what others think of my food! I am a self-taught cook, who doesn’t any cooking at all for a living, I’m actually a Graphic/Web Designer by trade but I just love to cook for my family and friends and try out new ideas on them, some work, some definitely don’t (strawberry cheesecake made with jelly for one – yuk!)…

I’m planning on giving tips on the little things and accepting advice from those who know better. Sharing recipes and images with you and hopefully introducing a lot of you to things you never thought you would try and cook or eat in a million years!  I will attempt to show you everything (without sounding too conceited) from baking delicious treats to cooking up mouth-watering different cuisines, side dishes and even tips on herb gardening and seasoning’s… I will also share my secrets to saving a pretty penny in the supermarkets! And for the record… NONE of this stuff is difficult to do…

But that’s about all I have time to say right now, I have a wife and child who are waiting patiently for me to bake up a storm in the kitchen this weekend, starting with a classic Victoria Sponge with fresh cream and jam, amazingly moreish pecan and fudge brownies and some fantastic choc-nut and fudge cookies (remind me to tell you how I couldn’t bake to save my life until recently), not to mention the choritzo and mushroom stuffed pan fried pork I plan on cooking for dinner tonight… AND I want to get out into the garden to plant some new Bay plants… phew… will it ever end?

For for the minute at least, thanks for visiting, please come back and see what I have to show you later on and happy cooking!!!

So long for now…


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2 thoughts on “Hungry???

  1. Mary

    I love your blog…I will be an avid follower…. brilliant tone and great info!!!!

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